Founded in 1998 Unified Outreach is a unique Arts-based 501c3 Charity that provides programs to community centers, public and private schools, transitional housing/youth shelters, and other organizations seeking to provide industry level Arts instruction to children in Seattle’s under-served neighborhoods.
OUR MISSION is to assist under-served, at-risk, disabled, and arts-starved youth with personal growth and character building using the Arts to break down racial, economic, and social barriers, to inspire creativity, to build confidence, and to promotion positive self-esteem.
Our Board is made up of over 70% people of color, over 50% women; with our teaching staff reflecting similar numbers. Our leadership team prides itself on being student/client driven when it comes to class offerings and we make every effort to provide the arts training classes and community events that our students and families wants to see, which is why we boast one of the most eclectic teaching roster in the city.

Work Training in the Arts/Work Readiness Program - 4 teams of youth ages 13-18 planned, designed, and delivered the 40 minute program. Teams consisted of Facilities/Stage Set-Up/Sound & Lighting, Promotions/PR/Marketing, Photo & Video Production (including what you see here!), and Stage Management/Models/Runway.